The Candidates Forum

Held On April 18, 2010

Moderated By Donna Motta

Interviews with candidates for School Committee

All candidates who are running for positions on the School Committee were invited to participate in our forum.
Candidates Ann M. Correira, Cheryl Crossley-Simmons, and Christopher F. Murphy
all accepted our invitation, and participated in our forum.

Candidates Michael S. Correia, Imad Nasrallah, and Jamison D. Souza did not attend.

Please click here for a copy of the invitation letter sent to all candidates, and a list of the rules of the forum.

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Introduction by Donna Motta, Moderator

Question 1: Please state your name, address, and how long you have been a Somerset resident?

Question 2: Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this office?

Question 3: What specific skills and experience will you bring to the School Committee?

Question 4: What are the two most important issues facing the School Committee and how would you plan to deal with each of them?

Question 5: How would you rate the performance of the current School Committee?

Question 6: If the decision was made to construct a new High School, on what location would you like to see it built? If that location is currently owned by the Town, do you believe that constructing the High School there would be the best use of the property?

Question 7: Maintenance is an ongoing challenge, with many of our School buildings needing major upgrades and repairs. With the current fiscal climate, what would your solution be to improve the condition of these buildings and grounds, and where would the Town obtain the necessary money for these repairs?

Question 8: Assuming the town has as much information as it is going to have prior to voting on regionalization with Berkley for grades 9 through 12, how will you lead our town and encourage people to vote on this important decision?

Question 9: Regionalization aside, what are your feelings on the construction of a new high school verses the repair and modernization of the existing High School, taking into consideration the location, and cost. If you favor repair and modernization, what would be your plan to minimize the impact of this work on the students and staff?

Question 10: Many public schools have recently implemented dress code regulations requiring students to wear uniforms to school. Would you be for or against a similar policy for Somerset schools, and why?

Question 11: In closing, what else would you like to say to the voters and residents of Somerset?

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