Opinion Articles

Article 1 - The Education Committee
Nicholas Christ
Chair – Education Committee
President & CEO, BayCoast Bank
December 2011

Article 2 - Parental Involvement Matters
Melissa Panchley
Education Committee Member
Karam Financial Group
January 2012

Article 3 - Who is Responsible for Educational Success
Fernando Garcia
Education Committee Member
February 2012

Article 4 - How Businesses Grade Communities
Jason M. Rua
Education Committee Member
President, RDA Insurance
March 2012

Article 5 - A Student's Perspective
Brogan Murphy
Student, B.M.C. Durfee High School
Class of 2012
May 2012

Article 6 - Area Schools Need Community Support
Marta Montleon
Education Committee Member
Superintendent, Diman Regional Technical Vocational High School
June 2012

Article 7 - Durfee is Exceeding Expectations
John O’Neil
Student, B.M.C. Durfee High School
Class of 2012
July 2012

Article 8 - The College Advantage
John J. Sbrega
Education Committee Member
President, Bristol Community College
September 2012

Article 9 - Purpose of the Education Editorial Series
Amie E. Vieira
Education Committee Member
Community Relations Specialist, BayCoast Bank
October 2012

Article 10 - We Need Advocates for Education
Melissa Pacheco
Education Committee Member
Senior Program Specialist, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
November 2012

Article 11 - Local Businesses Must Lead for Change in Education
Dan Abraham
President of the Greater Fall River Development Corporation
Vice President, HUB International Insurance
December 2012

Article 12 - The Community Must adapt to the Changing Economy
Mike Motta
Education Committee Member
March 2013

Article 13 - Higher Education Makes a Difference
Matthew H. Roy, Ph.D.
Education Committee Member
Assistant Provost and Director Leduc Center for Civic Engagement
February 2013

Article 14 - The Correlation Between Education and Economic Development
Robert Karam
Karam Financial Group
April 2013

Article 15 - A Second Chance for at Risk Students
Erik Baumann
Director of Bristol Community College’s Gateway to College program
May 2013

Article 16 - Introduction of the EdUp Campaign
Robert Mellion
President & CEO, Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry
September 2013