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Why should I become a member of JoinDayo?

Because it's fun! You'll be eligible to receive discount coupons, special sales, free gifts, purchase rewards and more from local businesses that appreciate you as a customer. There are also some really cool features on the site only available to registered users, such as special deals, coupons, and more.

In addition, as a JoinDayo member, you can vote on where a portion of our profit will be donated to a local cause, group, or organization in our town.

What do you mean that JoinDayo will give back a share of the profits to our community?

JoinDayo is all about helping our community. We take a percentage of our profit and "pay it forward" to local groups such as schools, charities, police, fire, athletic teams, and community groups. Some of the local businesses have also joined in, and will donate a portion of their profits when you shop with them.

How do you decide where the money goes?

Well, actually, we don't decide where the money goes, you do! As a member of JoinDayo you cast your vote for your favorite cause, group, or organization, so you have the power to decide where the money is donated. You can either vote for a group that's already been suggested, or tell us what your favorite cause is, and we'll add your choice to the list. Then tell your friends and neighbors to come JoinDayo and vote too! The more votes, the better the chances that your favorite cause, organization or charity will become the recipient of the available funds.

How much can our community expect to receive?

That depends on you! The more people who view the site, become members, and do business with local companies, the more we can give back. And the more businesses that participate, by advertising and offering special promotions, the more the fund will grow.

So, each time you shop at a local store, tell them you're a member of JoinDayo! And tell your friends and neighbors to come and JoinDayo, too!

What happens if I register, then change my mind about participating?

Simple. Just click on the "Unsubscribe" link in your account, or in any of our emails, and you'll be removed immediately. But, with all of the benefits that you and our community receive, why would you?

Is there a cost to become a JoinDayo member?

No. In fact, you'll save money with coupons and other promotions that are only available to JoinDayo members.

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For Businesses

How do I get my business listed on JoinDayo?

Chances are that your business is already listed! But if yours is a new business, or somehow we missed you, then just click here and we'll get you right in!

I see that my business is already listed. How did you get my business information?

It wasn't easy! We tracked down and dug through all sorts of public records to make sure that we have the most complete business directory available. Then we went through our list, eliminated duplicates, and personally verified each listing.

But with all of that effort, we're bound to make a mistake here and there. So, check your listing, and if you want or need to change anything, click here.

Do I have to pay to be listed on JoinDayo?

No! We provide one free listing in one category to any active business in our community. Your free listing includes the name of your business, your address, and telephone number. You can add information, as well as add listings in other towns, and in other categories, when you register your business with JoinDayo.

How do I become a Business Member of JoinDayo?

Simple! Click here to go to our signup page. Once you register, you'll also be able to add other listings in other categories and in surrounding towns, as well as add features such as enhanced listings, photos, videos, coupons, menus, and more.

Can I link to my website in the directory?

Absolutely, and with no set up charge. We want to make it easy for people to find you, and do business with you!

I don't have a website, or I'd like to set up a new one. Can you help?

Definitely! We can set up a great new or improved website for you, at a great price. Your site can be a simple one with a few pages, or a big, fancy site with lots of photos, videos, on-line shopping, and more! Get started by clicking here!

How do I add a Video Listing, or add video to my website?

Web video is a powerful and affordable way to get your message out in front. We can add Web Video to your new or existing website. We'll write, produce, and publish your video, and make your business the star of the show! Click here for more details.

What is the cost of offering special promotions, coupons, or menus to my listing ?

Enhanced listing features start at only $1.00 per month! To see the full list of available services, enhancements, and pricing, click here.

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