Somerset Color Guard Fundraiser 2009

Fundraiser held at Simcock Farm on September 19

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Fun At The Farm
By: Donna Motta

Donations for the Music department at Somerset High School came marching in this summer thanks to the owners of Simcock Farm in Swansea.

Owners Bev and Jim Simcock were the sponsors of a summer-long fundraiser designed to drum up donations to help the Somerset High School’s Color Guard, who will use the money in part to help defray the cost of props and uniforms used during their performances. One of their shows will be held at Disneyland in Florida, where the entire music department will be performing during April vacation.

For one dollar, folks had the chance to vote for which farm animal would become “Mayor” of Simcock Farms. There were nineteen animals to choose from, and people were allowed to vote as many times as they wished at either the Ice Cream Shop or Vegetable Stand at the farm. Contestants included rabbits named Butterscotch and Buttons, two donkeys, Poncho and Eyore, as well as a barn full of other competitors, including cows, goats and sheep.

The fundraiser’s finale was held Saturday, September 19th when Jim and Bev also donated the proceeds of their ice cream sales over Friday night and Saturday.

Why did the Simcocks choose Somerset High School as the beneficiary of the funds? “Because I’m an alumnus of the school, and active in the music department,” says Bev, herself a professional violinist who makes a living through her musical talent. “I’m pleased to help out the Color Guard at Somerset High because of my love of music.”

The votes were tallied at the end of the day on Saturday, and here’s how the voting turned out:

Ester, the goat, won the role of Mayor with 39 votes with Rascal, a rescue dog who was adopted by the Simcocks, nipping at her heels and coming in a close second with 38 votes.

But Rascal has no problem when he didn’t fetch the top spot, since he was officially named President of the Farm Council.

As for the proceeds, Bev says all the money collected between Friday and Saturday night’s ice cream sales, votes, and mayor buttons made by the students has already gone to the Music Department.

This is the first year of the fundraiser. Since the event was such a huge success, the Simcocks plan to continue the event each summer from now on. staff applauds the Simcock’s fundraising efforts, and urge all community members to get involved in good causes like this one that help our neighbors and enrich our towns!

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