About Us


Consider JoinDayo your one-stop website, designed to encourage community spirit, advertise local businesses, and market community activities and events in the local area. Created by local people, who live and work in the area, JoinDayo is a resource where you can access a wide variety of information about our community.


We give back!

We give back a portion of our profit to the community. The more activity on JoinDayo for a particular community, the more will be donated to a cause, group or organization in that community. You have the power to vote on where you want our donations to go. In this way, JoinDayo members help our community prosper and grow, and we can all give back to the community in a positive way.

About Our Logo

We developed our logo to represent the fun, friendly, and family-oriented them of JoinDayo.com. Click here to see how the logo was developed, and the first drawings we made along the way.

About Dayo

We named our little boy icon Dayo. He represents community spirit; the inner voice in all of us that desires a sense of belonging. You’ll see Dayo be-bopping around the site, showing you the advantages of taking pride in your community, while directing you to the community information you desire.
Little Dayo is our pride and joy. We want you to feel the same way about him, too!

Once we had our logo design, we then set about turning the drawing of Dayo into a real-life character. Take a look at the process.

For more information on the benefits of JoinDayo, please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).