The Development Of Dayo

When we developed the idea for, we wanted to have a distinctive, recognizable brand.

It was essential that we create a logo that instantly conveyed the feel and tone of JoinDayo– friendly, family-oriented, clean and simple.

We also wanted Dayo to "come alive" in the form of a mascot.

So, we sought out a world-famous puppet designer, met with him and his team, and,
using just the image of Dayo from our logo, the team brought Dayo to life.

The first step was to work out the dimensions and proportions. We wanted Dayo to be tall enough to be seen in a crowd, but still have the proportions of a "little boy."

Once these initial drawings were done, we had a good idea of how Dayo would look.

Next, the team created the head, using foam and plastic, and tested it out.
The team had to work out how the head would be supported, among other details.

With the head complete, they then created the hands, and began applying the outer material.
The final step was to hand-paint all of the details, and give Dayo just the right look.

See the process of how we designed the JoinDayo logo.

See the process of how we designed the JoinDayo logo.